Protecting Millions in Smart Communities

AtHoc connects state and local agencies and the communities they serve - solving critical interoperable communication needs when it matters most.

Interagency Communication for State & Local Agencies

AtHoc Connect empowers a state or local agency to create a secure permission-based network, enabling critical communication between your organization, other state organizations, and local businesses. You can discover and invite these organizations to be part of your network and accept invitations to join the networks of others.

Organizations have complete control over personally identifiable information (PII), delivery channels, message content and recipients.

Communications Within Your Agency

AtHoc optimizes agency communications with field personnel, enabling them to become the eyes and ears of an operations center. Personnel can create geo-tagged, multi-media reports and send targeted messages back to operations, providing greater situational awareness to a command center.

Personnel are further protected with the ability to use a one-click duress button on a mobile device, providing their location and status.

Public Safety Warnings

AtHoc's emergency mass notification tools get the message out consistently, across both public broadcasts and personal communications such as email, phone and mobile devices.

See how AtHoc public safety warning tools:

  • Allow agencies to share authoritative information with the public in real time during crises – using social media (e.g., Twitter), digital signage and more
  • Integrate with FEMA's IPAWS to reach the public via CMAS/WEA, EAS and NOAA HazCollect (in the U.S.)
  • Crisis Management: Talking to Each Other
  • Crisis Communication Considerations: High-Risk Earthquake Zones
  • Mexico Knows if There's an Earthquake Coming, Why Doesn't the U.S.?
  • Congressional Demand for Better Alerts
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